Proper care will ensure that your clove & ele jewelry lasts for generations.

General Care

Examine your jewelry regularly to ensure that all settings, clasps, and joinings are snug and secure.

Avoid exposing gold jewelry to common household bleach, as this will cause discoloration and possible disintegration. Extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics, ultrasonic cleaning, and household cleaners can also damage jewelry.

Protect your jewelry from impact against hard and abrasive surfaces. 18 karat solid gold jewelry is delicate and signs of wear will show easily.


Daily wear, dust, and pollution will dull the look of your jewelry and reduce the brilliance of gemstones. Have your jewelry cleaned by a jewelry specialist every year. In between professional cleanings, maintain the beauty of your fine jewelry by following the steps below.


Gently clean your gold jewelry with the cleaning cloth provided with your purchase. Use the inner portion of the cloth to remove tarnish, and the outer portion to buff surfaces. Do not use the cloth provided on pearls or on other soft, porous stones.

For routine cleaning, use mild soap and water, or a non-abrasive cleaner.


Clean diamonds with a soft brush.


Wipe pearls gently with a very soft clean cloth.


Store and protect your jewelry in its original pouch and box.

Gemstones are delicate and prone to abrasion. They can also scratch other gemstones and may wear away at precious metals. Therefore, avoid stacking them with one another, or with other objects.